Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji

( 1563-1606, Guruship 1581-1606 )

Guru Arjan was born in Goindwal, a small town in Amritsar district, on April 15, 1563. He was the youngest son of Guru Ram Das and Bibi Bhani. As a child, one day he found his way to the bed of Guru Amar Das who was then resting. His mother ran to fetch the child before he could disturb the Guru, but he had already awakened the Guru, who revealed, "Let him come to me; 'yeh mera dohita bani ka bohita howega' this grandson of mine shall be a ship to take mankind across the ocean of the world."

Guru Arjan was married to Ganga, daughter of Krishen Chand, a resident of Meo village near Phillor in Jullundhur district. The marriage took place in 1589 when he was about 26 years old. Guru Ram Das began excavation of two tanks named Santokhsar and Amritsar and started the foundation of the city of Ramdaspur. After his father, Guru Arjan applied himself to the task of completing the tanks and extending the city. It was his practice to go every day and superintend the work.

As the fifth Sikh Guru he compiled the Sri Guru Granth Sahib in 1604 AD, a book of sacred scriptures & hymns now revered as the spirit of the living Guru by Sikhs worldwide.He also enjoined his followers to contribute one tenth of their righteous earnings, called Dasavandh for community purposes. Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji composed his Sukhmani Sahib from 1601 to 1604 in whch he describes the essence of true life, the union of one's soul with the Supreme Being and the importance of the Guru and saintly people in one's life. Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji led an exemplary life of service to humanity, above he is depicted personally attending to lepers even abandoned by their own families.

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