Sri Guru Har Krishan Ji

( 1656-1664, Guruship 1661-1664 )

Sri Guru Harikrishan Ji was born on July 7th 1656 AD in Kiratpur in Dist. Ropar in Punjab. He was only 5 years old when his father nominated him as his successor on October 7th 1661. Guru Harikrishan visited Deldi on the invitation of Raja Jai Singh of Amber (Jaipur) as desired by Emporer Aurangzeb and stayed in his bungalow. He imparted spiritual instructions to the mulitudes of people. In those days the entire city was in the grip of a smallpox epidemic, thousands of people died of infection. To provide relief to the suffering people Guru Harikrishan got a small pool constructed just outside his room and poured water in it, picked up a little water and again poured it in. He then put his foot in the pool of water and thus people would recite 'Satnam Waheguru' (sacred mantra) and take some of the water and be cured.

Yet the Guru would not cure himself when he contracted smallpox due to the constant exposure. Before departing from his body he told his followers that the next Guru would be in Baba Bakala, a reference to a small village (Bakala) and to the next Guru (his Baba), Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji who lived there.  


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