Frequently Asked Questions On Sikhism


Why Do Sikhs Chose Not To Cut Their Hair?

Why Do Sikhs Therefor Cut Their Nails?

If Sikhs have to be Hygienic, Why do you Keep Your Hair?

In the Time it Takes to Wash Your Hair, Couldn't You Use That Time to Pray to God?

Why Do Sikhs Wear a Turban, and Why Aren't They Allowed To Show Their Hair?

What are the Meanings Of the 5K's?


Why do Sikhs Choose Not To Cut Their Hair?

Sikhs choose not to cut their hair. It is not really a matter of not being allowed to cut their hair. Hair was kept by all prophets. Jesus, Mohamed and mosses are a perfect example. A reason why Sikhs preserve their hair is, if hair wasn't pleasing to God why did He cause it to grow? The Sikh Guru's strongly advised us to accept Gods will. So there for, hair can symbolise that you obey Gods Will.


Whatever the Command of my Lord and Master is, I bow my forehead and accept it. || 3 ||

Sir Guru Granth Sahib Ji (P. 1000)

Sikhs believe that God did not make any mistakes in how He created this human form. Out of respect for that belief, Sikhs choose to keep their human form unchanged from the way God created it. This includes not cutting the hair. Sikh men remain uncircumcised as well. Sikhs will allow surgery for medical necessity. Medical reason today also show that hair is essential to make Vitamin D.

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Why do Sikhs therefor Cut their nails?

Sikhism believes in having a truthful, honest living and progressing in life. Nails have been given to us so that we may work and walk. For example, if you lift any object up with you fingers you will see the pressure on your nails. Nails also help us to walk. If you decide not to cut your nails, when you work they will eventually snap off. So therefor Sikhism allows them to be cut.

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If Sikhs have to be hygienic, why do you still keep your hair?

Sikhs do believe in being hygienic, that's why it is necessary to wash your hair and bath everyday. Though, if for some reason, you can't shower in the morning because you don't have access to a shower, you will not be punished.

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In the time it takes to wash your hair, couldn't you use that time to pray to God?

It is still possible to keep God in your mind while showering and washing your hair. Sikhs are encouraged to meditate on God during all of their daily activities. One should try to remember God in all of his/her activities. twenty four hours a day you should remember the name of God.

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Why do Sikhs cover their hair with turbans, and also why aren't you allowed
to show your hair?

Sikhs are not prevented from showing their hair. The purpose of the turban is to cover your head, to keep it warm or cool in the climate. It also helps keep the hair clean as well as preventing the hair from going every where. The turban has been mentioned many times through the bible:

"Belts were round their waists and on their heads turbans with dangling ends; All seemed to be high officers and looked like Babylonian natives of Chaldea."

Ezekiel 23:14-17

The Turban was a figure of authority.

Now Joshua was dressed in dirty clothes as he stood before the angel of God.
The angel said these words to those who stood before him: "Take off his dirty clothes, clothe him in splendid robes of state and put a clean turban on his head. They clothed him in splendid robes of state and put a clean turban on his head. The angel said, "I have taken away you iniquity from you."
Zachariah 3:4-9

The turban is also the symbol of purity. For Joshua filthy garments were a sign of captivity, exile, misery, physical humiliation and harm. Filthy garments also represented the sin of people. The turban is worn as a sign of respect. It is the opposite from modern English tradition where you take your hat off when you enter the room. Hair was grown by all in India. Since many had long hairs, Turbans were worn to prevent the hair from becoming filthy. So therefore to wear a turban was to keep the hair clean  and preserve the hair. Sikhs must try to cover their heads as much as they can. As the turban is worn when they a privileged with the vision of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji they must cover their heads. This also applies to God. Since God is everywhere, we must try to cover our heads as much as we can. Though we are allowed to take the turban off when we wash our hair.


My Guru is always with me, near at hand. ||
Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (P.394)

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Why Are Sikhs Required To Sit On The Floor In The Gurdwara?

Sitting on the floor in Sikh Gurdwara's is to represent equality of all. During the time of our Gurus, even kings had to sit on the floor with everybody else before they could meet with the Guru. It is
done to abolish the caste system and other systems that have the same essence. Sitting next to each other on the floor shows that the caste system etc. shouldn't be tolerated. The only place in a Sikh temple where an object is higher than another is where the kirtan is played and also where the Sri Guru Granth Sahib is. This is to show that the Guru Granth Sahib Ji is our Guru and if we read it, we shall be taken from dark to light. Also the kirtan stand is  higher because the hymns also will take you from dark to light if followed. 

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What is the meaning of the 5k's?

The meaning of the 5k's are:

Kara (Bracelet):

A common practice in Hindu traditions was present in Sikhism. This tradition
was called "Rookari"(To Protect). Women would put a thread around their brothers arm. In return the brothers would protect the females from tyrants etc. Guru Gobind Singh Ji wanted his Sikhs to stop this tradition among Sikhs. This was because it was down grading to the women down gave the image that women are unable to protect themselves. Guru Gobind Singh therefor gave a Kara(bracelet) to both men and female to show equality. The presence of a Kara on the wrist is a gentle reminder to think before you act. It is made of steel to remind you that Guru Gobind Singh told us to be "strong as steel, steady as stone".

Kirpan (Sword):

We must first examine what the word "Kirpan" actually means.  Kirpa means to protect. So it is only used in the act of self-defence and to protect the weak. It should never be used in an offensive way. 

Kesh (hair):

By keeping hair we show that we obey Gods will.

Kacha (boxer shorts):

Many men in India would walk around naked. Currently the Kacha is the minimal clothing needed to warn. Kacha also prevent cancer which can be cause by underwear.


It is important to preserve the hair. When the hair has died, it drops out. The Kanga is to just basically prevent your hair from getting knots.

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