Great Sikh Warriors


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Bhai Bidhichand Chhina  - was a sikh of Guru Hargobind. He was an excellent rider and led a battalion of Guru Hargobind's Sikhs. Although he was a Jutt but his favourity pastime was to groom and ride horses.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh - was the younger son of Guru Gobind Singh, the Tenth Guru. He attained martyrdom fighting with Mughals at Historic battle of Chamkaur.

Sahibzada Jujhar Singh - was the younger brother of Ajit Singh and in the very next sally after the martyrdom of his brother he along with five Sikhs attained martyrdom fighting many hundred Mughals.

Chali Mukte - were the fourty Sikhs of Malva country who saved Guru Gobind Singh when Mughals had almost caught him. All of the Fourty Mukte attained martyrdom but not before Mughals were defeated and Guru Gobind Singh ji was saved.

Mai Bhago ji - was a woman Sikh fighter who was the alone survivor of the battle in which Fourty Mukte defeated Mughals. She went on to lead many battalions of Guru Gobind Singh's army.

Sardar Banda Singh Bahadur - was the Sikh (Disciple) of Guru Gobind Singh. He organized the Sikhs in Punjab after Guru Gobind Singh and established the first Sikh state in Punjab soon after the death of Guru Gobind Singh. He was arrested along with his 700 and more disciples, all of them were executed at Delhi for not converting to Islam.

Bhai Binod Singh - was the leader of Tatt Khalsa or the true Khalsa as oppose to the Bandai Khalsa who were praying to Banda as a Guru. He was direct descendant of Third Guru, Guru Amardas ji. Binod Singh steered the Bandai Khalsa back into the folds of Guru Gobind singh's Khalsa

Nawaab Kapur Singh Virk - kept the Khalsa flame up and alive and he thoroughly harassed Mughals until they decided to call it a truce. Then, Mughals made him Nawaab of five villages, but soon Zakriya Khan started his own tactics and snatched it from him. Kapur Singh promptly passed the flame of Khalsa leadership to Jassa Singh Ahluwalia at his old age.

Bhai Tara Singh - was a Saint and soldier of Guru Gobind Singh who during the turbulent times after Banda Bahadur 'Wan' protected Sikhs and fought with Mughals.

Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed  - was a Sikh who when heard that Afghanis have captured Golden Temple Promised to Sikhs that he will celebrate Diwali at Golden Temple at all costs. He along with his 5000 Sikhs fought with 150,000 Afghanis at Amritsar and reached Golden Temple before attaining martyrdom.

Bhai Buddh Singh ji Shukarchakia - was a Sandhu Jutt Sikh who was baptised into Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh. He fought along with Kapur Singh and Jassa Singh Ahluwalia.

Bhai Gharja Singh & Bhai Bota Singh  - were two sikhs who were hiding when they heard Muslism making their fun. They immediately took control of a nearby bridge sending message to Mughals that Sikhs are not afraid of anyone. They attained martyrdom fighting 100 Mughals.

Defender of Amritsar  - were many Sikhs warriors who would stay behind intentionally to fight with 100 times as numerous armies when defending Golden Temple at Amritsar. Reason was to attain martyrdom for their Dharm as well as to tell the future generations that Sikhs always fight even if it means death as taught by Guru Gobind Singh ji.

Bhai Ala Singh - was a sikh warrior who was baptised into Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh himself. He established the princely state of Patiala.

Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia - was Khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh who fought along with Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, Kapur Singh Virk and Buddh Singh Shukarchakia.

Bhai Jassa Singh ji Ahluwalia - was a Sikh warrior who became Jathedar of Khalsa after Kapur Singh. He was a very well educated person and organized Sikhs into a formidable force.

Bhai Mehtab Singh ji  & Bhai Sukkha Singh ji - avenged the descreation of Golden Temple by killing Massa Ranghar.

Bhai Gurbax Singh ji - fought with Afghanis when Afghanis occupied Golden Temple for the second time. In a same fashion as his mentor Baba Deep Singh had massacred Afghanis he along with his group got ready with garlands on their necks and until each and everyone of them was alive fought with Afghanis.

Bhai Baghel Singh Dhaliwal - After Afghanis were defeated. Sikhs occupied the land from Indus to Jamuna. Baghel Singh Dhaliwal and his Misl occupied the current day area of Haryana and up. He constructed all the Gurdwaras at Delhi.

Bhai Charat Singh Shukarchakia - was the sikh that led the Sukarchak Misal and freed Sikhs of Gujranwala district from Mughals and Afghan persecution.

Bibi Rajinder Kaur ji - was the Princess of Sikh kingdom of Patiala who displayed her Khalsa chivalry in numerous battles.

Bhai Tara Singh ji Ghaiba - was a Sikh warrior who led the Dallewalia Sikh Misl. This misl was part of Dal Khalsa.

Bibi Sahib Kaur Phulkian - was the princess of Patiala state. She led armies into many battles and was the only woman in Indian subcontinent to win a battle over a British General.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh  - defeated Shah Zaman and established a Sikh kingdom in the territory that was in between Satluj and Chenab. He ran his empire for 40 years, but only 10 years after his death British took over Punjab, the last kingdom of India.

Sardarni Sada Kaur  - was a Khalsa leader of unprecendented qualities, she along with her son in law Ranjit Singh defeated Zaman Shah, son of Abdali near Amritsar and established the Khalsa Kingdowm.

Akali Phula Singh - was a dashing soldier of Khalsa who fought in many battles along with Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He was also a Jathedar of Akal Takht from 1810's until 1824 when he died in a battle of Naushera fighting Afghanis.

Sardar Hari Singh Nalua  - was a general of Ranjit Singh who defeated Afghanis and established Khalsa control over the Afghan territory this side of Khyber pass. Sikh forces later also carried their flag at Kabul.

Sardar Hukma Singh Chimni  - was a general of Ranjit Singh was affectionately called Chimni by Ranjit Singh due to his short stature but he fought and won big battles.

Bibi Khem Kaur Dhillon  - was a general of sikh forces that supported a revolt against British in 1849.

Sardar Sham Singh Attariwala  - was a general of Ranjit Singh who during the Anglo-Sikh Wars vowed on Guru Granth Sahib that either he will defeat British or will not come back. He fulfilled his vow in battlefield.

Baba Ram Singh Namdhari - was a soldier in army of Ranjit Singh. He opposed British after Punjab was occupied by them and was sent to prison at Andaman nicobar Islands.

The Sikh Liberators  - freed thousands of Hindu women from the clutches of Nadir Shah, Abdali and other tyrants.

Bhai Maharaj Singh - was a soldier of Khalsa who fought with British after Sikh kingdom was lost.


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